Be More Like A Child

MY DAUGHTER Is a very curious little thing. She’s at that age now where everything is a question, ‘Daddy, why is the sky blue?’ ‘Daddy, why does the cat have a tail?’ ‘Daddy, why-why-why….’. It’s interesting that as an adult I find this really irritating at times, the constant challenges as to why? Why is something and why is it like that?

I HAVE Had a realisation just recently and I have a question of my own, ‘Why is it that a child of only a few years old is more fearless at challenging the world around them and has more drive than anyone I know to understand the things in the world?

IT'S CRAZY When you think about.

WE LIVE In an ever changing world, full of wonder and beauty, and live at the most fantastic time to be alive and we just accept it as it is. What answer do we give that child who comes at us with the barrage of the what’s, where’s and whys? Usually a short and blunt, ‘No’ or, ‘I don’t know’ and maybe a, ‘because that’s how it is’.

WHY DO We not say, ‘That’s a good question…’ or even a, ‘why?’ ourselves?

SO MY Concept today is this: be more like a child when it comes to asking questions, why-why-why-why-why? Don’t rest until you have an answer you are happy with! Get out there and challenge to understand, don’t except anything less. Remember, life is about being more, not having more, and if you don’t challenge and drive for better understanding how can you become more than you are?


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