Let Love Be Your Energy

MANIFESTOS, A declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the 'owner'. A few years ago I found some inspiring guys online creating manifestos as a way to lay down some thoughts about the things that motivate them (I'd post a link, but it was a while ago and despite many attempts to search the web for the blog I was following at the time, I've failed, yet my quest will continue...). The drive behind the idea was to simply spend some time writing down, in a creative way, the things that inspired you based on a theme.

FOR Me, this isn't about writing just one master manifesto to rule them all, like the One True Ring from Lord of the Rings, more of a fluid and deeply personal thing to refer to, remind me where my focus should be and offer inspiration when I need it. The trick is not to think you're done once you get a manifesto in the bag but from time-to-time create a new one based on a different theme to get you thinking once more.

HERE Is a manifesto I've recently created called, 'Let Love Be Your Energy':

CREATING A manifesto is a fun and inspiring exercise, give it a go...


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