I Gotta New Bag...

IF You follow me on Facebook you may have already seen a quick snap I took of this bag earlier in the week when it arrived from CaffePress for me to have a play with. Having made some time I applied my photographing skills to grabbing a few more professional shots of this brilliant bit of kit.

BEFORE I started selling any products via my new online shop D6Gear, I wanted to gab a few as samples and check them out. Now, I know that CaffePress is a solid company producing some very high quality products for some very big companies. However, you can't beat getting your hands on things and having a play yourself. Also, what better advert for your products than being a user and advocate for them.

THIS Is my Imperial War Gear Field Bag. It is fantastic for stacking full of rule books, die, tape measures and everything else you need to take to the battle table (bar your minis). I've 'play tested' the bag myself, it's brilliant, I managed to get three Warhammer 40k Codex, the main hard back edition of 6th edition Warhammer 40K, the pocket sized 'floppy' edition of 6th edition Warhammer 40K, a note book, two pens, two full sets of template for Warhammer 40K, two tape measures, an A4 folder with my army lists and org charts, two tape measures and enough die to make a hungry hippo blush. I still had room left over and the bag held it all comfortably, and it was no trouble just slung over my shoulder while I carried my minis in a couple of cases.

THE Bag itself is 12" Wide x 16" High x 3.5" Deep, 100% heavyweight cotton canvas that has been enzyme washed for a vintage look with an adjustable cotton-webbed shoulder strap. The front flap has, printed into the canvas, a unique art design by myself and has antique brass buckles for fastening. Finally, on the inside, is a hanging zipper pocket, that I find handy for storing all those die!

I Have a load more designs to finish and upload yet before the shop opens officially. I also want to get a few more samples of the products to play test (also, even if I say-so-myself, I want to own) before the big opening. Until then watch out for more updates, and don't forget, although unofficial, the shop is open for business already!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014


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