Happy Days

‘Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
The weekend comes, the cycle hums
Ready to race to you…’

That’s how the song goes, and I’m sure we are guilty of having tagged on the end of a half-hearted statement something along the lines of, ‘…happy days’ when really what we want to say is, ‘that’s a load of balls!’.

So what is happy?

If you run an internet search asking it to define ‘happy’ it will simply fire back at you, ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment’. That’s something that is tangible, I can get my head around that. It’s eating a cookie, that makes me happy, or maybe a rainbow on a sunny day? That always makes me smile. These are in essence fleeting moments. So is that the real answer? Happiness is a brief lived experience that we are in constant conflict with to sustain as a constant in our life to ultimately fail, and I guess, be miserable as we strive to obtain the unobtainable?

Therein is the paradox. We want to be happy all the time, however happiness is a short lived experience. This is not one of those emotive wishy-washy statements that you often hear from some people along the lines of, ‘You have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs’. That’s is just a self-motivated and serving load of old tosh to elicit an empathic response by somebody with the life experience of a teenager.    

What it is really saying is that, although you can fudge your happiness for short periods with a well-placed cookie, it’s the challenges in life that reap the bigger reward in the happiness stakes. Just think about it for a moment, reflect on some of the happiest moments of your life.

Go on.

Done that?

Good. You can read on now…

…It’s not, although this will make up a few, that simple ‘well-placed cookie’ event. However, it is the ‘end of a hard journey’ event that will make-up most of your happy memories.

These ‘end of a hard journey’ events that generate our happy factor are the ones that have the most impact. So why do we spend so much time avoiding hard work and challenges? Clearly, what makes us happiest is when we are challenged or challenge ourselves. So why don’t we embrace that fact. Why don’t we grab that challenge with both hands and give it a big hug and a kiss (and maybe a cheeky pinch on the bum as well), safe in the knowledge that when it is done we will be in a much better place than we are now. That even if it all goes wrong, we will still be in a better place than we were before we tackled it, because we will have at the very least learnt something new and we will know how to do it better next time.

So here is my challenge, to change you state of mind when you feel bummed out or down. It is to simply, know no fear, life is an experience and it is through challenging ourselves we are at our best and happiest. So get off your butt, stick your neck out, grab it with both hands, embrace it, stay hungry, stay foolish and let love be your energy!    

(I would just like to end by apologising for getting the theme tune to the TV show Happy Days stuck in your head as an earworm for the rest of the day).


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