D6 Gear - Its Alive!

JUST A quick announcement to get the ball rolling (or dice in this case), my new online shop D6 Gear is now live and open for business and can be found here:

THIS Has come from the fact that I have been designing a lot of t-shirts recently and wanted somewhere that is 'away' from my artwork to sell them. I also wanted to explore other things as well, other than t-shirts, to display my designs on, for example bags and phone covers. I discovered Cafepress, although a bit fiddly to get started with the set-up, the perfect place to retail my designs from.

SO, Several days of messing around and filtering through my designs and artwork and I'm up and rocking! The evil plan is, that over the next few weeks to get all of my artwork I can sell (that isn't already available) on RedBubble, the ideal place for it, and all of my graphic designs for t-shirts, etc... on Cafepress via my D6 Gear shopfront.

MORE News on all of the above coming soon!


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