A Good Day To Die...!

YESTERDAY Was indeed a good day to die, not by design I'll have you know. Not at all. In fact by my current lack of fitness. I've been really slack this year with my running and bike riding and I am almost at a point where my fitness has hit the, 'start from the beginning' stage - which is all very embarrassing. This was never more on display than yesterday as I joined the guys I work with in a Sports Relief challenge to virtually ride a bike, taking turns across the team, from the office we work in to one based over a 120 miles away where our 'sister' team work.

BEING Massively competitive and of little brain, when my turn to hit the peddles came about I learn't two things:

#1: As already stated, I'm not as fit as I was only three months ago.

#2: Something I already know as well but ignored, you need to pace yourself.

ONLY Halfway in to my time on the ride and I think it is the closest I've ever come to shaking the bony hand of the Grim Reaper! Good news is, for some, I'm still alive, and we also had a great day raising some funds for charity.

Someone was kind enough to mount a camera on the bike that periodically snapped pictures, this is me before the near death incident peddling like a fool being chased by a clown with a chainsaw!  

SO I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who arranged and took part in the event, it was nothing less than awesome. Everyone worked so hard and gave it everything they had and are quite simply flippin' fantastic. Well done guys, you all did yourselves very proud.


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