Bad Wolves and Ray Guns

HARDLY Into February and I already have my second pin up girl of the year in the bag. Not only that, but I also have another ray gun design finished as well. First off the pin up girl, Bad Wolf:

THIS Was just one of those random ideas that pops into my head from time-to-time. I was have a think about how you combine classic pin-up girl art and sci-fi, and I figured one way was to illustrate them as aircraft pin up girls. Next it was the problem of bring it together, not sure why Doctor Who and Rose, but I like to think it was the Bad Wolf that was behind the inspiration. It just feels like the sort of thing you would call a fighter or bomber back in the day.

NEXT Is another concept for a classic style sci-fi ray gun. This one I've called the Warlord, simple as it is inspired by the description of the guns from some of my favorite books, the 'Barsoom' series by Edgar Rice Burroughs (A Princess of Mars for example). 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2014



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