Concept Art Hurts My Head!

I'M Currently adding the finishing touches to some concept art for a short Sci-Fi story that I'm illustrating as a comic. The art that I've tagged in below represent some final renderings for the main characters so-far. What I've not added in are the dozens of sketches and paintings that I had to do to get there - which is why I'm not a concept artist for a living.

ANYWAY On to the art. These first two are of Aki, a transporter and one of the two main characters for the story:

THE Next character is a bit of an odd one and this is the first of two renderings (the second is still a work in progress). This character has no name and is only really know as a genetically modified human:

DON'T Worry, she wont catch her death from a cold, the final rendering she'l have some clothing on. 

SO, If all goes to plan I should have plenty of Sci-Fi based concept and comic page art to upload over the coming weeks, and at the very least in a day or two the second final concept image for the strange blue lady above.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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