One Vision - My Bumper Book Of Art

This morning something awesome happened. My bumper book of black and white art arrived for me to proof. Even if I say-so-myself, it looks really good.

The book is a collection of artwork from the last year that I have created, being a mix of fantasy and pin-up girl art illustrations, or both in some cases. This book is a bit different though as it is purely black and white art. Why? Well, I really like black and white art, and the starting life for all of my paintings is a black and white 'tone' image that I then colour. I like my black and white art sometimes more than the coloured and I thought it was a shame that it was, for the most part, only me getting to see these brilliant renders.

So an idea was born, One Vision, A Monochrome World by Simon Breeze. (If you are wondering the title came from a painting I had recently finished that is on the cover of the book, that oddly was titled after the Queen song of the same name I was listening to when I was working on the painting).

One Vision is now available to buy from my online book shop (can also be found from the tab at the top of this blog) and will soon, I have had confirmed this morning, be available via Amazon, I will have more news on that soon.


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