Goblins Galore!

I'm currently working on some artwork for a book called, Folklore - Superstition and the West Country by the author Fred Davies. I don't want to post all of the art here, and there is quite a bit of it as well, simply because I believe this is a great book (being the artist I get a sneaky look at it before publishing to help me with the page art designs and direction) and you should simply pick up a copy when it get published. 

The Green Man - Full Wrap-Around Cover Artwork
One of the things I'm really enjoying about working on this book is that it is so removed from the usual artwork I find myself working on, mostly pin-up girls and space warriors. Now, I'm not complaining, just expressing what a very enjoyable and refreshing change of direction I've found myself going in with the artwork for the book. I really can't remember the last time I had to illustrate a fairy, a goblin or a witch for that matter. 

West Country Witch - Black and White Page Art

Other than the cover, I've been commissioned to illustrate several black and white pictures to go into the book as page art to match the chapter titles. This is something I'm really enjoying, all of my art for awhile now has been painted in black and white and then coloured. One of the side effects of this is that I love the black and white art, yet no one really gets to see it other than me, or maybe if I upload it as a WIP to one of my art portfolios or blog. This has inspired me, so expect to see in the very short future an art book by yours truly featuring nothing but the black and white art that I have produced over the last year or so.

The Devils Swing - Black and White Page Art 

So to conclude, this has been and continues to be a very enjoyable project I've found myself working on, and I will be posting some updates soon. Especially, when the book is published - which I believe will be very soon. 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013



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