Exeter Comic Expo

How the time does vanish when you're busy! It feels like a whole lifetime has sailed by since I last updated my blog, just over a month to be precise. Well, what have I been doing in that time? I've uber busy with my art, family, work and what feels like a billion and one other things. However, as I find life so often does, it has now all starting to regain some sort of balance once more.

So, to my first of several posts for the coming days: Exeter Comic Expo!

This years second Comic Expo for Exeter is being held on SUNDAY 1ST DECEMBER at the Roughmont Thistle Hotel, Queens Road,  Exeter, and I will be there with the other guests and exhibitors promoting (if all goes to plan) my new art book!

More news on all of the above from me as the time draws closer, and for more info on Exeter Comic Expo simple follow this link to the main site: Exeter Comic Expo 
More posts and updates soon!


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