Reading Ups and Downs for June

As the title of the post states, I've had a very up and down month with my reading material. I started off on a high with: The Girl Who Played With Fire, by Stieg Larsson.

I Loved the first book in this series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and for totally different, and some very much the same, reasons I loved this second book as equally as much. I'm putting off reading the third and final book for a little while as I mentally chew over this second book and let the excitement build for the final installment. An easy 5 out of 5.

The next book I got stuck into with much gusto, to slow to a halt, and then almost sleepwalk my way through is a comic by Marvel called, Agents of Atlas: Turf Wars. Oh-my, if you ever need an example of just how convoluted by continuity in the Marvel Universe a comic can become, this is it. I didn't have a clue what was going on, and more to the point I didn't care! This looked like it could have been something special, in the end it was a big pile of comic book pants! This comic to me summed up all that is wrong with the big comic houses of DC and Marvel and the way that they tie stories, characters and their worlds together to force you to buy piles of comics each month to stay across the mess they make. A big fat 2 out of 5 for the art and the concept.


Things picked up then with a collected edition of 2000ADs, Judge Dredd: Tale of the Dead Man. This was a blast from my comic book past and no mistake. Reading this story brought back some very happy memories from one of, if not the, best Judge Dredd story ever told. If you have never read this and the other part of the story, Necropolis, it is a must. It is comic book writing and story telling at its best. An easy 5 out of 5.

The next book I read last month kept the high going, Empowered volume 1.

I've already read a lot of the Empowered books, however I have started to re-read them after buying volume 1 for a friend. Still as awesome as ever and a brilliant 4 out of 5.

Then things took a nosedive at the end of the month with Dark Eden, a novel by Chris Beckett.

This is meant to be an award winning highly praised novel, so therefore I'm clearly missing something. I haven't wanted to rip my own eyes out and then burn that part of my brain that remembers this book from my skull, followed by burning the book itself, since I read the second book in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire (I think that is what it's called, frankly I couldn't give a crap if I've got it wrong as it is such a pants book it doesn't deserve the effort of me checking if I have indeed got the title right). Back to Dark Eden. Four chapters is all I could take, four! Then I had to put the book down it was such mental torment to read. I really do think it is me, I just hated the writing style, and the story and charters are right out of a 'paint by numbers' book for character creation and story plotting. This book simply, for me, sucked hippo balls. Chris Beckett, if you ever read this, I apologise. I'm sure you're a great guy and my hat of to you for all you have archived. However, I have to give this book a big fat 0 out of 5 as I can't remember the last time I couldn't finish a book I'd started.

On a happy note, July is looking good so far as I'm already halfway through Empowered Volume 2, and about a third of the way through a fantastic Sci-Fi novel by Neal Asher called, The Engineer Reconditioned - loving both!


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