Piccadilly Lilly III

Here is my latest aircraft nose art pin-up girl, Piccadilly Lilly III:

This is the penultimate pin-up girl in the aircraft nose art series of twelve that I'm painting (for now anyway). I have a Sc-Fi painting to squeeze out over the next few days before I crack into number twelve the final pin-up girl, called: Sentimental Journey. 

My learn from this one is that I'm liking my one layer in Photoshop rule I started following a few paintings ago. It's odd, but it feels more creative. If you make a mistake you may not be able to go back and undo it. Which I'm a strong believer in being part of a, 'making something special' creative process. 

My argument behind this is the film Jaws. One of my top five all time favourite films.The film struggled to get finished due to things going wrong, and so the cast and crew did a lot of cover-up improvisation, and now we have a classic and unique film. If the film had gone to plan, or had the modern digital tools available to correct these issues, we'd have got Piranha 3DD with a shark instead. 

Any-who, rant over. That was a long way of saying the girls face was a lot of work due to some silly mistakes I made during the painting and sketching. However, this being all done on one layer meant I had to employee some skillful cover ups and re-workings that led to a much better and a very different looking girl by the time I was done. If I had used multiple layers, this very positive outcome would never have happened. 

This image title and general look was inspired by the original nose art called Piccadilly Lilly II and the squadron insignia for the HMH-362 'Ugly Angels'.

Squadron Insignia for the HMH-362 Ugly Angels

Original Nose Art for the Piccadilly Lilly II 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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