Almost There...

The almost final aircraft art pin-up girl is finished, Sentimental Journey:

So, I've said, 'Almost'. This is number twelve of twelve paintings, kind of like the number of months in a year (hint-hint), based on classic aircraft nose art pin-up girls. The last pin-girl painting left to do is not strictly like the others, it more of a full on painting for something like a cover, for a calendar maybe. 

Any-who, on to this painting. 

This nose art was inspired by the original pin-up art, Sentimental Journey and the insignia for the 303 squadron.

303 Squadron Insignia

Original Sentimental Journey Nose Art

I'm very happy once again with how this painting came out, which is great as that is several paintings in a run that I'm happy with the final out come. very rare for me, and rare for most artists to feel that way about their work too.   

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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