Here is my latest aircraft pin-up girl, Yellow Rose:

This one is based on the original nose art called Yellow Rose and the squadron logo for the VF-41 'Black Aces'. 

One of the things I liked about this painting is that my new paint brushes are working out really well. I think I use to use fifteen to twenty brushes on and off on any painting, now I have three for painting, two for smudging and two for rubbing out. The same goes for the colour pallet/swatches that I created at the same time, they are working out a treat as well. Not only that, but they are also speeding up my work flow and massively boosting my enjoyment when painting.

Only two more nose art girls to go now, number eleven is already started!

Original Nose Art for Yellow Rose

VF-41 Black Aces Squadron Insignia 

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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