Hell Aint a Bad Place

Fresh from Photoshop, here is my latest painting, a self portrait to boot too, Hell Ain't a Bad Place:

I've been wanting to get a self portrait done for quite sometime now and have only just now managed to wedge this one in between commissions. I'm starting to get more comfortable with the colour pallet I've created and I am for sure loving the custom brushes I recently created as well, they've worked a treat on all of my work so far.

So the theme? I'm not sure myself (which didn't really wash with the girlfriend who is wondering what I'm trying to say with this painting)! I wanted to add something to the image so it wasn't just me and so I thought I'd add in a couple of pin-up girls and it grew legs from there. The very fitting title was a very last minute thing and was inspired by listening to Iron Maiden as I added the finishing touches (the Fear of the Dark album if you are wondering).

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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