The Indian Queen

Number nine of twelve aircraft pin-up girls is now done and dusted and here for your viewing pleasure, number ten is in progress. However, here is number nine, The Indian Queen:

This one is one of my own designs, the only thing that is 'borrowed' or as I like to put it 'inspired' is the squadron logo in the background. this is based on a mix of designs from the VFA 103 Jolly Rogers - kind of fitting for the pin-up girl.

The name and pirate theme for the girl comes from my heritage as Cornish, famed for Tin Mining, Pasties, smuggling and piracy, and a small village in Cornwall called Indian Queen. Splodge it all together and I came up with this. (I've even thrown in a bit of Adam and the Ants for good measures).

The Original Squadron Logos for the VFA 103 Jolly Rogers

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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