The Bolter Aquilla

I've been making a few more custom paint brushes in PhotoShop this week, and I believe for the first time I'm actually happy that I have, for now, my brushes and colour swatches where I need them. To give them a test drive I came up with this:

One of the thing I always like about the old Warhammer 40K rule and source books was the little touches of art littered about the pages as chapter or page breaks. This is what has inspired this painting. I have kept it black and white, mostly as I coloured it three or four times and each time I didn't like the end result. The problem was that I couldn't settle on a chapter and I didn't want to end up have four different coloured versions of the same image. Besides, I think it looks really cool in black and white anyway!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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