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I normally get through two or three books a month, recently I've been very busy and there has been a lot of television shows on it seems all at the same time that I have been catching up on. This means that I have plodded through only three books over the few months. So here is a quick catch up on them:

The first one is Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising:

This is a book I've wanted to read for awhile now, a very old book for Clancy, one of his first. Really enjoyed this, especially growing up in the period the story is set in, the Cold War. The story is a speculative fiction on a, 'what if...?'. The what if being, 'what if the cold war did start?'

Like I said, very enjoyable read, lots of action and tension throughout with ground battles, aircraft dog-fights  and some very tense submarine cat and mouse. The thing I liked most is the story is told from both sides, so it real hits you as it unfolds and the body count starts to build up. This is an easy 4 out of 5.

Next is a Star Wars book, Scoundrels:

I was looking for a fun book after the heavy read of Red Storm Rising, and this Star Wars book seemed to fit the bill. I can sum this story up very quickly, A Han Solo spin on Ocean's Eleven. That's it really, Timothy Zahn's writing is bang on as it should be for a Star Wars EU book (Expanded Universe). If you are a big fan of Star Wars EU this book will rock your world. For me it fell a little short. One of things I struggle with in the Star Wars EU is the made up swear words and that they smoke cigars, watch TV and drink coffee. It always pulls me out of the story, every time without fail. I just can't picture Luke Skywalker having a cup of coffee watching Saturday morning cartoons whilst cleaning the droids.

The other let down is I was really hoping for a big couple of twists at the end of the story, which you do get. However, they are not the ones you would expect for a story of this kind. I was hoping the twist would be a real clever part of the plan that Solo came up with that you didn't see coming when the rob the bad guy of all his money. A bit like Ocean's Eleven. Sadly the plan they use to steal the loot is very basic and not that smart. None the less, a very enjoyable read and an easy 3 out of 5 if you are me, and an easy 5 out of 5 if you are a fan of the EU. I mean that as well, there is just so much in this book from the Star Wars EU it will make your head explode!

The last book, Flesh: The Dino Files:

This is a graphic novel or trade paper back, depending on how you want to look at it. This is a collection (not the complete I might add) of the Flesh strips that have appeared over the years in 2000AD. It is a bonkers book that to this day, like so many of 2000AD's main stories, boggles my mind why it has not been made into a film. It is a story of cowboys and dinosaurs, and all the craziness that you would expect from a mix like that. The premise is a simple one, in the near future mankind is running out of food. So we invent time travel, go back in time and herd dinosaurs like cattle, beam them back to the future - no more food problem!

This is a really good book, the stories are all old school cowboy stories at heart and the artwork throughout is just amazing. A really enjoyable read from start to finish, 4 out of 5.




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