World War Z

I've recently finished reading World War Z and I'm now left wondering how this is being made into a film. The book is a fantastic read about the undead rising across the world and plunging it into a war of humans vs zombies.

The story itself is a simple and generic one that any modern 'zombie' writer could pen, the genius of World War Z is how it is told. The book is a collection of interviews from those who survived, and as the book progresses, it tells a multifaceted tale of the whole event from the very first breakout to the victory and survival of the human race.

World War Z is simple jammed packed with a mountain of compelling short stories that, at times, makes you pause heavily for thought. I really struggled to put this one down as I found myself getting caught up in all of the different twists and spins that all the different characters would bring to the simple story.

This is where my question of, 'I can't see how they are making this into a film' comes from. This book would work fantastically as a short series on TV, mirroring the unique way the book tells its story. As a film, sadly, I can only see it cashing in on the current interest in all things zombie and it being a 'generic' tale at best.

My advice is read the book, as it is going to be impossible for the film to live up to, and even if the film is amazing, there is no way it is going to look anything like the story told in the novel.

An easy brain munching 5 out of 5!


  1. My thoughts exactly! Perhaps if they showed the interviews as is, did some nice flashing back to their stories even, that wouldn't be so bad but it's starting to look like I Am Legend with a Pitt-Smith transplant. :(


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