The Fourth and Final One

Here it is folks, the forth and final Mark of chaos: Slaanesh...

Slaanesh is a very odd god of chaos indeed and this gave me pause when I came to start this painting. In the end after a bit of dithering I decided for some reason to go with, 'Spiky' for this symbol. I'm not sure why, but it seems to work. And again, as with one or two of the previous Chaos Marks I've painted, I had originally decided to set a stone at the centre of the symbol. However, it didn't seem right once I'd painted it so on a whim I went for a daemonette's head instead, which looks kind of cool now it is done (there was a few moments where I thought I'd made a big mistake painting a head at the centre).

That's it for WH40k for a while now, it's been fun and I'm sure there will be more art from that awesome inspiring universe from me in the short future.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013/ Warhammer and Mark of Slaanesh ©Games Workshop


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