The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

I picked up a copy of this book almost the second I put down the first in the series, Rise of the Governor, as I enjoyed it so much. This second book picks up the story and runs with it at a belting pace that had me finish it less than a week (I've been a bit busy which is I'm posting this review now).

This second book follows a different group of survivors and their journey to Woodbury, hence the title. Once the group arrive at the small 'oasis' town in the zombie infested world, we get to once again meet up with the characters from the fist book and pick their story from only a few short weeks after it finished in the previous book.

As with The Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury is a horrific, twisty, violent tale that won't let you put it down. If you read the comics or watch the TV show you'll love this series of books. I now just need to wait for the third one!

An easy Zombie busting 4 out of 5!


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