Lobo Portrait Of A Bastich

A long story short, I met Simon Bisley at a comic convention recently and after an awesome chat I had an urge to read some of his work. That's where Lobo, Portrait of a Bastich comes in.

This trade collects the original Lobo miniseries along with the insane Lobo's Back miniseries, written and illustrated by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant and Simon Bisley respectively.

To me, Lobo embodies all of the awesome craziness of the 90's comic world wrapped up in a Sci-Fi, fantasy intergalactic bounty hunter, cold-blooded killer, knock-about fun! And I loved it!

The story is bonkers, the language offensive, the art a classic riot of Bisley's trade mark style. There is never a foot put wrong in this traded collection.

A brilliant 5 out of 5.


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