Nope, it's not the eye of Sauron, or the eye of the tiger, it's the eye of a dragon:

This is my second pop at a cover for a fantasy book called, Gorflax Greenhorn and the Eye of Sceleratus. My first attempt was a full on dragon, however the author had this awesome idea of just a close up on the dragon's eye with a reflection of the characters from the story.

I had a play in PhotoShop with some photos and stock images to see if it would work. My first play about looked ace up close, however as soon as you zoomed out the eye became a mess of colour due to the characters being so detailed. So, I decided to keep the eye as it was and simply change the reflection for a simple silhouette of the characters. The mock-up looked good, so on with the painting, and as my daughter is fond of say, 'Ta-Da!' all finished.

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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