Agents of SHIELD

There goes my week in which I attempted to paint my Super 8 Superheroes! Did I hit my goal? Sort of. I am, and will maintain, that I changed the plan and introduced two extra characters to the mix to make a grand total of ten heroes, and if I hadn't I’d of hit my goal no worries.

Here are my two ‘tangent’ paintings, which came about as I suddenly had a strange urge to paint them. Both are SHIELD Agents from the Marvel universe. The first one is Nick Fury:

The second one is Black Widow:

For both I have tried to mix the movie look of the characters with the comic book look of the characters to more or less of a successful degree. I think Black Widow is my favorite of the pair. Okay, two more characters to go. Both are Marvel characters, as I'm 100% a Marvel Fanboy, and I hope to have them posted sooner rather than later!

Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013
Characters © Marvel Comics


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