Nexus 6...

Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shoulders... burning with the fires of Orc. ”
― Roy Batty - Blade Runner

Over the holidays, I managed to get to see a fantastic documentary about one of my all time favourite films Blade Runner. The documentary is called Danger Days and if you are a fan of Blade Runner or interested in how classic films get made, you should find some time to watch it. Any-who, this inspired me to do a painting, a speed painting too – I’ve not done one of those for a while!

Roy Batty:

I forced myself to do this painting as a 'speed painting' as I think I’ve been getting into a habit recently of taking too long to get things done. I also wanted to try out a few new brushes I’ve made and a new technique or two as well.

Over all very happy with how this one turned out, some more are coming soon, maybe one more speed paint to refine one or two things then on with a pin-up for a comic!


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