A Little Bit Savage!

These little critters are beginning to lose their cute appeal!
― Savage! Jungle Princess

This is my most recent painting and it is of one of my favourite comics of late, Savage! Jungle Princess:

Green is not normally a colour I opt for right away when I think up how my paintings are going to look, my norm usually being red or blue. However, being as happy as I am with how this painting came out and with how the last one or two I did using a green pallet, I think I might be using it more.

So this is clearly a painting of Savage! Jungle Princess and her ‘sidekick’ Friday from the brilliant Kult Creations comic Savage! Jungle Princess. I’ve been a fan of this comic from the start, how can you fail not to be? It has dinosaurs, Nazis, a Jungle Girl and a King Kong meets Indianna Jones vibe to the look and storytelling. Not only that! Issue 4 (out soon I believe) will have Zombies in it. Not any old zombies, but Nazi zombies – Nazi Girl zombies!!  What more could you want? Me, I’d want a copy of this painting too! Well, if all goes to plan that will be in issue 4 as well ;0)

Some more news about this and the up and coming Exeter Comic Expo I’ll be exhibiting at in February soon...

...And for more information about Savage! Jungle Princess please visit the Kult Creations website (here)

The characters of Savage! Jungle Princess & Friday Robinson ©copyright Short & Noble 2012
Artwork ©Simon Breeze 2013


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