Happy Christmas!

It’s Santa Claws Vs the Naughty Christmas Goblins! With nothing other than his trusty Acme Goblin-Blaster, Power-Claw and Miss Xmas to protect his goodies from those nasty sharp claws they have!

Yes, if you are expecting a sensible Christmas card from me this year, well you’re bang out of luck! I guess this is a more ‘family friendly’ one than last year’s Christmas Angel:

I’m not entirely sure where this mental image of Santa-the-space-marine-fighting-goblins came from, needless to say I thought of, ‘Santa Claws’ but instead of the over used Santa Claws as an evil monster. I thought, why not make him an 80’s action hero, and have him fighting goblins instead? The rest is a week or two of mad painting history.

I’m already working on my next paining, one of Savage! Jungle Princess, so it won’t be too long until my next post. Until then, Happy Christmas!


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