The Red World of Death!

Inspired by the classic pulp heroes of yesteryear, the Rocket Ranger races to the rescue of his captured love Constance O’Connell, and to battle with the evil Mutant Dr khaos and the vile aliens of the red World of Death before they can activate the Death Ray and destroy the Earth!

Here is my finished Rocket Ranger and the Red World of Death:

I really enjoyed painting this one, nice colourful and a lot going on too. I think for my the toughest part was during the colouring, using so many bright reds and yellows alongside deep purples and blues was a bit of an eye twister when it came to blending it altogether and not having it look like someone had just thrown-up after eating a packet of fruity sweets.

A change of direction again with my next painting, I’m working on a dragon!


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