Rocket Powered Ork!

The best means of Attack is Defence, an’ the best means of Attack is a really really Big One, right, with lots of Boys an’ dead big shooty things an’ what have ya.’ – legendary Ork Smartboy Derek Zog.

Well, as promised, here is my latest piece of art from the realms of Warhammer 40,000. Ork Rocket Boyz!

Also, as usual, for those that are curious here are the black and whites for the painting before I coloured it:

The inspiration for this one came well out of left-field! I’m pretty sure it was inspired by the awesome Rocketeer comics I was reading about the time the idea struck me. The strong colours were inspired by having to think of a scheme based around the green skin of the ork. This led to lots of strong reds and yellows and a few browns, then bouncing all that colour off of everything I could to keep the whole image bright and vibrant.

More art coming soon!


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