The dust is still settling, yet the memories are still fresh of this year’s fantastic Bristol-CON12, Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. I had a brilliant time, as always, and think this year was one of the best. Bristol-CON, for me, just goes from strength-to-strength with each year that passes and I’m all ready eager for next year!

Highlights for me, other than getting to hang out with some familiar faces and catch up on all things Sci-Fi, was once again getting to meet some art and writing heroes and sit in and take part in some great panels. Next year is already shaping up with some fantastic guests (check out the official website here for the full and ongoing update: Bristol-CON).

If I have taken anything away from Bristol-CON, other than the warm glow of spending a great day, it was two things, well make that three!
  • The first was some awesome art by James ledger Found here: Awesome Art
  • The second was that I need to attend and exhibit at more Sci-Fi and Fantasy events, after all that is my art style, and maybe start to take a step back with the comic expos and cons. As much as I enjoy these events, they are very much changing in a direction that I’m not sure I works for me anymore.
  • The third thing I’ve taken away is that I need to find time to join in with the Bristol-CON guys more, as they are an ace group who only live down the road!

Here is my one and only photo of the event, I was very busy all day and didn’t even think to take any photos after setting up my art – a sign of a good day to me:



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