We are off to see the Wizard

Here are the black and whites for my latest painting, The Tin Man:

The inspiration for this painting just struck me one afternoon quite randomly, as these things do sometimes, and so I had to get it done before it slipped into that pile of slush in my head of the million and one paintings I have on my to do list. I don’t even think I was thinking about Doctor Who or the Wizard of Oz at the time, yet this image of a Cyberman rusted and frozen in a woodland like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz just flashed in my mind and well, here it is.

Next step is to colour it, and this will be happening pretty quickly as I need to get back to my Warhammer 40,000 paintings as soon as possible. The planned colour pallet is ace; I’m really looking forward to colouring it, lots of reds, browns and blues.

I did have a thought of some more Doctor Who/Wizard of Oz images, such as K9 as toto, a scarecrow from family of blood as the Scarecrow (didn't have to think to long on that one), not too sure what to do as the Lion though, but the Doctor as the Wizard and any female companion will do as Dorothy. However, it’s not going to happen, not by me at least. So I throw it out there for any other artist to tackle. If you do, let me know.


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