Space Marines - ATTACK!

Here is my latest piece of artwork, Ultramarines; Brotherhood:

When I painted the grey-scale rough of this image, before the colouring and detailing, it was originally going to be Orks and not Tyranids the Ultramarines were going to be fighting. Things changed when I got around to the looming shadowy enemy in the background. Orks would have just vanished in the long grass and mist. I needed something big, something huge!

That's when, coupled with the yellow/green acid colour I had planed for the background, the idea for a huge Carnifex popped into my head. Once I had added it in though, I needed to re-paint the wounds on the fallen Space Marine from Bolter holes to clawed gouges. All done I could then get on and start to colour and detail the painting.

The colour was a no-brainer. Deciding to go with the Ultramarines for the Marines' Chapter I needed something that went with blue - yellow! That was all the thought that went into it, and as luck would have it the greeny/yellow acidic atmosphere along with the Tyranids really worked well to make the theme of the image. Not only that Ultramarines, Tyranids - a match made I think, 'For Macragge!!!'  

More WH40K art coming soon.


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