A while ago, in fact not that long ago it was only back in May! I was at Bristol Comic Con. Whilst there I bumped into John A. Short of Kult Creations, who I've now met a couple of times at these events and so we always have a quick chat and a catch up. Whilst we were chatting, one of the things that came up was one of his new comics: Savage! Jungle Princess.

John's pitch (he has one for each comic) if I remember it correctly was that, 'It's got Dinosaurs, Nazis, Action and a Jungle Girl in it'. The next bit I do remember clearly though. I had a look at the cover and smiled at John (what you need to know at this point is that I'd just read John's most recent comic, The Clock Strikes – which is amazing by the way, but which couldn't be further away from the themes of  Savage! Jungle Princess). At this point I think John felt he needed to say more, and so he added, '…Hey, it is what it is'.

So what is, Savage! Jungle Princess?

In one word: Fun!

One of the things I enjoy about John's writing is that he can do a very serious, thought provoking superhero comic just as easily as he can a cheeky, zombie fighting, female vicar who kills demons with her knickers comic. Savage clearly falls into the latter of these as a good fun, cheeky comic.

Savage is set on Death Island, the home of the Jungle Princess, and follows the quest of a Nazi U-Boat crewed only by women trying to find the legendary Philosophers Stone for the evil purposes of their Fuhrer. Along the way there are Dinosaurs, a stranded English girl called Friday who makes friends with Savage, fighting, Amazon women, lots of jungle, and most of all action, adventure, not much clothing and fun.

Upon reading Savage! Jungle Princess I got a real Indiana Jones, King Kong (Skull Island), Danger Girl feel. To John's credit, he has embraced this and just gone for it! You couldn't have done it any other way.

John A. Short is not the only creative talent behind this comic, there is the artist Gabby Noble too. Gabby's art fits John's writing brilliantly, and having a visit to her website and having a look at her other work, you couldn't have got someone more suited, Gabby Noble was made to illustrate this type of comic.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Savage! Jungle Princess if you get the chance, I had a grin on my face throughout the whole time I read the comic, and whenever I re-read it or just pick it up for a quick flick through and a look at the brilliant artwork too.

John's comment of,  '…Hey, it is what it is', is bang on the nail. If you are looking for the next Watchman, you're in the wrong place (give The Clock Strikes a go). If on the other hand you want to have an adventure and a good time doing it, give Savage a try, you won't be disappointed.

As I write this, John and Gabby are hard at work creating issue #2, which I will be picking up a copy of.

For more about John A. Short and Kult Creations here is the link to the website: Kult Creations

And for more about Gabby Noble and her artwork, her is a link to her website: Gabbys Comics


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