I Think I've Got A Head Ache?

'All hail the martyrs! On their blood is our Imperium founded, in their remembrance do we honour ourselves'.

Here is my most recent piece of art, a Servo Skull from the Warhammer 40,000 Universe:

Servo Skulls fascinate me as much as they repulse me. They are the skulls of loyal Adepts who have shown that they are truly loyal in life and thus are given the honor to serve the Emperor, and in turn the  Imperium of Man, in their death by becoming one - nice!

It is really odd, but when ever you read a WH40K novel, you will hear (read) at some point that one or multiple Servo Skulls are flying about their business. It is creepy, I'll give you that, yet very cool at the same time. Just the thought of these things zooming around the epic Gothic cities of the grim dark future seems right. In fact, I'm thinking of donating my own skull to the cause, just so I can keep an eye on things when I'm gone.

More WH40K art coming soon.


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