Big Bangers!

Here is my latest piece of artwork: Suzi Nova, Big Banger(s)!: 

painting is a for very limited edition pin up print for Exeter Comic Expo being held later this year. At this point I'm not sure of numbers or the cost, however it is going to be very limited and only available from Exeter Comic Expo. 

I had a lot of fun painting this one, I love creating guns (and this is a big one - inspired by the 'Smart Gun' in the Aliens move I had re-watched the weekend before I came up with the concept) and I enjoy painting pin ups too. So this was, as I said, a lot of fun to do. Something I had to consider when coming up with idea for this painting is that it is going to be sold as a print for a comic expo, and so I had to go with either one of my own characters or a 'public domain' character, in the end I decided to opt for one of my own - Suzi Nova.

I will be posting some more information about Exeter Comic Expo and what I will be up to on the weekend closer to the time. However, for those that can't wait until then, here is some information about Exeter Comic Expo and the link to the website:


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