The Sport of the Future!

Here is my latest bit of artwork, Aeroball eXtreme:

This one is of an Aeroball player, a future sport that featured in old issues of the British comic 2000AD and created by Pat Mills. (On a side note, as a tribute, the players name on his shirt is MILLS. However, as his shirt is ripped you can't read it clearly).

This piece of art came about for a cover for the Italian magazine 2000AnniDuri (2000AD), I don't know if it will be used, that is yet to be decided. However, I had many joy filled hours painting it. Recently I seem to have been paining a lot of girls and so it was nice to illustrate a guy for a change.  Not only that, I remember reading the Harlem Heroes back in the old days of 2000AD, and as 2000AnniDuri runs an ongoing story about an Aeroball team, it was a no brainer as a direction for the cover art.

As I'm not to great at painting in grey scale, this cover was originally painted in full colour and then through the magic of digital editing converted to the black and white specs for the cover and lettered. If you like, you can pick up a print of the full colour version here at my Redbubble store, and you can find out more about 2000AnniDuri here.


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