Some Art by Me - Iron Angel


Yes, many hours spent on this one. However, here is my latest illustration, Iron Angel:

Iron Angel by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen some updates posted for this painting over the last week, and you may also be aware that this is a competition entry for a cover on the awesome Heavy Metal Magazine to appear on the San Diego edition.

The great thing about the competition was that you could paint whatever you liked, the trick being if you want to win that it has to be something that would appear on a Heavy Metal Magazine, which to me meant a girl with big boobies looking a bit rock ‘n roll with a big sword, gun, monster, robot, or all of the above. I went for giant sword and metal angel wings (hence the name)!

So it is all fingers crossed for the next week until I find out if my work is going to be used, which if it does will be something ticked off of my, ‘things to achieve as an artist’ list – which will be awesome!

If you like, you can pick up a print here at my Redbubble page.


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