May The 4th Be With You!

There it is!

I’ve said it!

So I have worn my Star Wars t-shirt all day and throughout the week I’ve put this painting together called, Bounty Hunter to mark the day:

Bounty Hunter by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

Left to right, in case you are wondering, Oola (Jabba the hunts dancing girl), Boba Fett (The galaxies coolest bounty hunter) and finally Princess Leia.

This painting was inspired by one of my art heroes Frank Frazetta, and his painting called, (I believe) ‘Flash for Freedom’:

I love Frazetta’s work, and this is one that I have always admired greatly. When I got to thinking about painting an image this year for May the 4th I was originally thinking of a Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit, but it has been done so many times now I’ve put it on the back burner of ideas for now. Then this image popped into my head, except with Boba Fett in the place of the cowboy. The rest just fell into place with using Oola and Leia for the two girls.

Any-who, enjoy, and remember, the Force will be with you...  ...Always.


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