Bristol Comic Expo 2012

Last weekend I made a trip to Bristol Comic Expo, and this was a different comic expo for me. Not just because it is now taking place in the 'shed', but because I was just visiting – not exhibiting!

I decided that I needed just the one convention/expo a year that I could just go to and hangout and be a comic fan instead of an artist. I had a really good time too, and I am already planning to do the same next year.

I met some great guys and girls, old friends, colleagues, artists and writers, Clone Troopers, Black Cat, a Jedi, and I even got to achieve an ambition and spend some time with one of my art heroes and grab a sketch too. I'm talking about the legend that is Simon Bisley.

Next Expo for me is Exeter later this year, until then here are some of the photos I managed to grab while I wondered about Bristol Comic Expo. Enjoy:


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