Reading List - March

April already!

So with that thought here is the mammoth list of reading I managed to get through last month. To be honest, what helped was one or two longish train journeys which afforded me plenty of time to hammer my comic reading pile that had built up to dangerous toppling proportions off of the back of Cardiff Comic Expo.


2000Ad Progs #1774 to #1777
Judge Dredd Megazine Issue #321
Walking Dead #1
Tank Girl Carioca #2
The Incredible Hulk #2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael, Global Conquest Edition #1
Kiss Me Deadly #1 & #2
The Clock Strikes! #1
London Horror Comic #1 to #4
Strikeforce Morituri #1
Suicide Squad #7
Captain America The First Avenger #1
28 Days Later #1
Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #3
Ghostbusters #5
Star Wars Agent of the Empire - Iron Eclipse #4
Danger Girl Revolver #2

Graphic Novels & Trade Paper Backs

Star Wars Omnibus, A Long Long Time Ago... Volume 4
The Amazing Spider-Man, Brand New Day
Tank Girl One

Novels & Audio Books

Friday by Robert A. Heinlein

In Summary 

I 've managed to get through no less than 24 comics, 3 trade paper backs (which is the equivalent of about another 40 comics) and one big fat Sci-Fi novel! Which I think was quite good going and this month is already shaping up to be more of the same. March saw the end of my current comic pull list as April ushers in the new one more in line with the sort of things I know I'm going to enjoy over giving comics I give a go as they grabbed my attention in the previews. As for novels for next month I'm already eyeing up a Dan Abnett Doctor Who story I've been meaning to read for a while.

As for highs and lows for the past month, I think for the first time in a while I have really enjoyed everything that I read. I don't have a bad thing to say about any of the books or comics. On the very positive side there has been one or two that have stood out for me. First off is the 4 issue run of London Horror Comics, a fantastically written and illustrated comic series of which I will be pick up more of as they become available.

Another favourite this last month was The Incredible Hulk. I picked this up on a whim in a random visit to a comic shop (normally I get my comics from an online dealer) and I'm glad that I did. It is a fantastic read and I may be tempted to add The Incredible Hulk in the short future to my monthly comic pull list.

This Month’s Highlight

The highlight of the month has to have been Kult Creations – The Clock Strikes! 

The Clock Strikes! is written by the very versatile John A. Short and has some beautiful art by the very talented Vince Danks and sees the return of the first ever masked hero in comic books, the Clock. The Clock first appeared in November 1936 in the 'Funny Pages' and pre-dates the more known masked and costumed heroes such as Superman and Batman by two years. The Clock is now in that wonderful domain of the public which means that he is open to anyone being able to use him in their stories. John A. Short and Vince Danks have set their interpretation of the original comic hero in the 1930s.

I picked up a copy of The Clock Strikes! at the Cardiff Comic Expo earlier in the year, and I must admit I had been following the build up over on the Kult Creations site and been getting a little excited about getting my hands on a copy - I wasn't disappointed either.

The Clock Strikes! is a wonderful piece of work, the beautiful artwork and the classic 30's setting all tied together with a solid story and strong dialogue make it a must read. I've read the comic twice now and both times I was completely sucked in to the world, you could almost feel yourself choking on the smoky atmosphere of the bars in some scenes the story telling and art work so well together.

The first issue is a stand alone issue, which means two things. One: you can pick up a copy, read it, love it, and be safe knowing that everything you need to know is in that one awesome issue. Two: That there is the only issue! Yes, The Clock Strikes! is not an ongoing series. However, and this is why I mention it, it could be if enough get sold. So do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. You won't regret it, it is a brilliant read, and this may also mean that The Clock gets to strike once again! Which will make me a very happy man and I'm sure this applies to the creative team behind it too.

A well deserved 5 out of 5: Ding-Dong, the Clock has Struck!

How my ratings work: 1: Awful, 2: Passable, 3: Good, 4: Brilliant, 5: Knocked it Out of the Park! 


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