The Girl From Mars

Here is the latest bit of art I've finished called, The Girl from Mars:

The Girl from Mars by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

I actually finished this one a week or two ago, but as I'm full steam ahead with my writing at the moment I'm limiting my time on the internet – it's a great tool and therefore very distracting when you are trying to write! You start off wanting to just 'quickly' look something up and before you know it you have lost half of your writing time looking at quite frankly a load of bollocks that had nothing to do with the original reason for going on line in the first place. No. Better to just shut yourself away and simply get on with it! This seems to be working too, as I am blazing through a huge amount of writing at the moment. More on that soon.

Back to the art!

This image popped into my head and as I'm on a bit of a Sci-Fi-Concept-Art-A-Thingy-me-Bob at the moment I just went for it. To explain a bit further, the pin-up book has, as you find in this industry more often than not, fallen through and I found myself at a lose end. What to do? Hmmmmm...

That's when I decided it would be nice to get some Sc-Fi art done. Not fantasy, but Sci-Fi. Off the back of this, and as I only have a small window of time each week to work on my art at the moment, I thought I'd get Sci-Fi bonkers-crazy and when I work on my art come up with some good old fashioned Sci-Fi aliens, technology, ships and some guys and girls in future space armour and suits. So far my head is spinning with a million and one ideas that will for the most part never see the light of day – oh well! I think it is good to have that over sitting and staring at a blank page waiting for either a drop of blood from your brain via your nasal cavity or an image to appear.

As a starting point, I'm liking this image.

More to come soon, and before I go it has just been confirmed that I will be appearing at Exeter Arts and Comic Expo at the end of the year. More to come on that too as things develop.

If you want to pick up a copy of this image, here is the link to my Redbubble Site where you can safely get yourself a print of mostly any of my work:

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