Doctor Who – The Unquiet Dead

Sneaky-peeking is now over for my most recent work for Doctor Who Online and this weeks VortExtra: The Unquiet Dead, as all of the artwork is now available to view in the context of the stories, of which can be found here at: VortExtra.

For those of you wondering what VortExtra is, here is a quick introduction from Doctor Who Online:

'(VortExtra) an ongoing project from the Doctor Who Online Team, inviting some of the finest Writers, Authors, Artists and Illustrators to help expand the stories we all know from the Doctor Who universe by exploring the events before and after The Doctor's involvement.'

This weeks stories are from a 9th Doctor adventure, the Unquiet Dead.  The two short stories, as the DWO site description states, 'bookends' the televised story and speculates as to the prologue and epilogue, there is also a narrated version available to listen to too!

The Prologue is called: In the Dead of Night, and is written by Mark Joselin, and Narrated by
Siobhan Gallichan. The Epilogue is called: Out of the Ashes and is also written by Mark Joselin and Narrated by Siobhan Gallichan, both are illustrated by me.

You can find them both here:  VortExtra: The Unquiet Dead


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