Destiny of the Daleks?

Life, I have found, is made up of a really random string of probabilities that you try to gel together into some substance of conformity to make any kind of sense of it all. One of those strange events happened to me recently via Twitter and ended with me illustrating several images for the Doctor Who Online website.

That is the sort of it anyway. The good is the following illustrations I got to do:

This isn't all of them, to see them all you need to go to the DWO site and read the stories they are associated with:  VortExtra: Destiny of the Daleks

So what are these stories?

The stories are part of VortExtra - ' ongoing project from the DWO Team, inviting some of the finest Writers, Authors, Artists and Illustrators to help expand the stories we all know from the Doctor Who universe by exploring the events before and after The Doctor's involvement.' (I grabbed that from the DWO Site).

The story I was involved with (and it is looking like I'll be doing more of these) was one of my favourite Tom Baker ones: Destiny of the Daleks. The two short stories, as the DWO description states, 'bookends' the televised story and speculates as to the prologue and epilogue, there is also a narrated version available to listen to too!

The Prologue is called: Supreme Calculations, and is written by Dave Spilsbury and Narrated by
Sebastian J. Brook. The Epilogue is called: Delusions of Grandeur and is written by Dave Spilsbury.

You can find them both here:  VortExtra: Destiny of the Daleks


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