A Look at Cardiff and Exeter Comic Expos 2012

Well, it has been a busy few weeks with all of the expos and amount of work I have on at the moment. However, I have managed to find half an hour to upload some of the photos and bungle together a post about my two most recent expos.

Let's do it in order of appearance, so to speak, and start with Exeter:

Exeter is, with now the close exception of Cardiff, my favourite comic expo to exhibit at each year. The expo is always a low key and intimate affair and has one expo nicely placed at the start and one expo nicely placed at the end (there are two expos in Exeter each year) of the comic con/expo season. The guests and exhibitors are always friendly and, due to the relaxed nature of the event,  keen to chat about their interests and your work. 

All-in-all it was a really good day and I am already getting excited about the next one later in the year (here is a scoop for you: still to be confirmed but looking like the end of September). Here are some of the photos I managed to grab in between chatting and wondering about:

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 1

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 4

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 7

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 8

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 11

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 15

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 16

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 18

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 14

Exeter Comic Expo 2012 9


Next up is Cardiff!

This was my first year at the Cardiff Comic Expo and I wasn't too sure what to expect. Well, it was flippin' amazing! If you were to ever ask me what a comic expo should be like, it would look like Cardiff comic expo! It was a great weekend full of surprises, when I first entered the main room my mouth fell open in awe. The venue, exhibitors, guests... ...All simply amazing!

Cardiff comic expo had such a brilliant vibe I'm already waiting to sign-up for next years expo. If you have never been to a comic expo or con before, this is the one to get you started. Simply a brilliant weekend and event.

Here are a few of the photos I managed to snap:

Cardiff Expo 2012 1

Cardiff Expo 2012 20

Cardiff Expo 2012 19

Cardiff Expo 2012 18

Cardiff Expo 2012 13

Cardiff Expo 2012 12

Cardiff Expo 2012 11

Cardiff Expo 2012 6

Cardiff Expo 2012 8

Cardiff Expo 2012 3

Next stop is Bristol Comic Expo in May!


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