30 Day Photo Challenge Week 4

I'm still playing catch up this week with my blog posts. However, I'm now into my final week (week 5) of my challenge to take a photo each day for 30 days to get back into my photography. With that in mind and as promised in my last post I made the time to get the photos from week 4 posted:

Monday – A view of the pond outside the office where I work, I just love the lighting and colours on this one.


Tuesday – This is a different pond to Monday's photo, however it is next to where I work if you are wondering.


Wednesday – This one is a close-up of a strip light!


Thursday – Yes, there is a theme for some of these photos this week – Close Up! This one is of a heater.


Friday – A close up of a really-really old wall.


Saturday – One from Cardiff Comic Expo. Not the best photo in the world, but it is Deadpool reading a comic at a comic expo..!


Sunday – My awesome little boy getting ready to fight crime as a Ninja Turtle!


That is it for this week, I will post the last few photos from week 5 next week as the challenge draws to a close.


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