30 Day Photo Challenge Week 3

Okay, it's all been a bit mad and I've only just found the time to upload these photos for my 30 Day Photo Challenge.

So I'm now into my final week of my challenge to take a photo each day for 30 days to get back into my photography. I have the photos from week 4 still to upload and post, however here is week 3's photos:

Monday - A really rubbish rainy day with real low light. So I thought I'd grab a photo of a huge puddle. Okay, it's a pond. But only just!


Tuesday – A much better day and here is a photo of a chocolate heart filled with real gold bits I got to eat.


Wednesday – The view from my office window!


Thursday – I was walking home after an exciting day at the office when suddenly the sky looked like it had caught on fire. The whole thing lasted about 3-4 minutes and was then gone forever!


Friday – An awesome little stream I pass some days on my way to work.


Saturday – My daughter looking cute - she likes hats!


Sunday – Exeter Comic Expo. There was this moment that lasted for about 10-15 minutes when the event went 'still' and I grabbed this photo. I just really like it!


Okay. So if all goes to plan, tomorrow I will be posting week 4 of my photo challenge!


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