30 Day Photo challenge-Final Week!

Okay, uploaded at last, here is the final batch of photos from my 30 day challenge to take one half decent photo a day for 30 days to help me get back into my photography.

Here are ‘this weeks’ photos:

Monday Spring was in the air when I grabbed this photo:

Tuesday On my way to work, I managed to snap this one of the pond:

Wednesday A good place on a day like this to take your lunch near to where I work:

Thursday The classic duck photo - Alwys need one of these at this time of year!

Friday Camera went off by mistake, as I was trying to grab a photo of a squirrel. I think it came out very well, just no squirrel!

Saturday - A nice photo of some flowers:

Sunday It was a nice week for weather this week, lots of sunshine, and as this image shows, lots of nice sunsets too:

So how has it gone?

Well - Mission accomplished!

I’m back taking photos, which was the goal of the whole exercise, although I might not be uploading them as often as I planned. However, I am taking them. I blame a lack of time to upload the photos on my current well-busy life, as when I’m at my PC my main aim is to utilise that time as much as I can to work on my art and most evenings that time is short and therefore at a premium -that is a bit of a tangent though.

What have I learnt?

Take your camera with you everywhere! To work, in the car, the shops, even take it to the toilet when you go! Once I got into the habit of looking for photo opportunities I started to then notice the amount I missed as I either had my camera, but not ready, or no camera at all. Some days I was almost kicking myself in the pants for the amazingness that I missed.

So where from here?

I think to just keep at it. However, I am just going to be posting the photos maybe once a month, and then maybe the, ‘top ten’?

Something to think about over the next week or two whilst I click away.

Until then, here is a nice picture of the Moon I snapped one evening whilst taking my bins out that I particularly liked (see take your camera everwhere!):
Moon - Thursday Eve.


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