Saturday Science Quest!

quest to explore science continues this week with some haunting sounds from space!

Okay, we have all heard it, 'In Space No One Can Hear You Scream!' The tag line from the one of the coolest Sci-Fi Horror films of all time Alien. However, this isn't necessarily true. Not if you have a very powerful telescope and something called a spectrograph (by telescope I'm talking about a radio telescope in case you are wondering).

The following audio clip is a recording of a nebula, it has needed a few tweaks so that we can hear it. Such as having the recording converted into sound by reducing the frequency 1.75 trillion times to make it audible to the human ear. Still, what you are hearing is the recording of a nebula.

It's really eerie, right?

To me it sounds like something from an old Sci-Fi film, like The Forbidden Planet or an episode of the classic series of Star Trek. It's brilliant stuff, very beautiful and, as I have said, haunting. You can find out a lot more about this recording and the process at the Universe Today website where I discovered this fascinating audio sound bite.


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