Killer Claws Dude!

Okay, here is my latest painting: Weapon X – The Wolverine.

Weapon X The Wolverine by *SimonBreeze on deviantART

So you might remember that I have recently gained the opportunity to take a break for illustrating a pin up book for a week or two and painting a few things for myself – a rare opportunity to say the least.

I have wanted to take a crack at a Wolverine painting for a while now ever since my last one over a year ago. As with the last Wolverine painting I originally planed this to be in his yellows and blues, but for some strange reason I changed my mind at the last minute as I got an urge to give him bone claws – this meant, to me, it had to be a Weapon X image.

As with my most recent images, I have been using new brushes and colours and the same is true here with this painting. However, my main focus now that I am getting my head around the different techniques which now just need practice is on creating my own style or look for my art. I want to step back a little from the uber-real look and have a more painted look and in addition to that I love comics so I want some nods to that too.

This Wolverine painting is the first step in that direction. The proportions of his figure are way-to unnatural for a real person due to the comic book styling I have given them. His waist is far to narrow and his upper body way to big to be a real human and let's not even start about the amount of muscles he has – some don't even appear on the human form. All-in-all just what I was looking for and I feel this has given me a strong starting point to work forward from.

Next up is another Marvel Comics character, a female, but I wont say who just yet. I then have one more painting to go and I will be back on with the pin-up girls for a few more.


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